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International Competitiveness Co-investment Fund - Round One

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Welcome to International Competitiveness Co-investment Fund - Round One

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About ICCF

The International Competitiveness Co-investment Fund (ICCF or the Program) is a major grant program of the Agribusiness Food and Trade (AFT) Directorate at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). To date, $3 million has been committed by the State Government over three rounds of grants through what was formerly known as the Grants for Asian Market Exports (GAME). AFT continues to support WA agribusiness to engage and grow in Asian markets through various activities including this Program.

The Program aims to provide WA agrifood businesses with the capability to access and develop export markets; and support WA agrifood businesses to achieve consistent business growth through enhanced international competitiveness and strategic customer relationships in high value, premium export markets. In particular, Round One of the ICCF Program seeks to support existing WA exporters in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain and further develop their business relationships with existing and new customers in Asia.

Your application

Please read each section and complete each question as requested. It is recommended that you allow yourself enough time to review the application and submit it well before the due date. The closing date for Round One of ICCF is 11:00pm AWST, 12 August 2020. Incomplete applications and/or applications received after the closing date will not be considered. 

Prior to submitting your application please ensure you have reviewed the Guidelines and FAQs. Click here to view the webpage and the reference documents.

For queries about the guidelines, deadlines or questions on this form, please contact us by email and allow up to 24 hours for a response.  If you have any technical issues with submitting your proposal through this online system please contact Helen Wei on (08) 9368 3582.

Privacy Statement

DPIRD will store personal information collected in this application, supporting documentation and any grant administration, monitoring and evaluation activities in compliance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988. DPIRD are also subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and documents in the possession of these agencies are subject to these provisions.

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1. Applicant details

Only entities that meet the eligibility criteria provided in the Guidelines can apply for a grant. Have you read the Guidelines to ensure that you meet all the requirements?  * Required

This section is not applicable because of your response to question: "Only entities that meet the eligibility criteria provided in the Guidelines can apply for a grant. Have you read the Guidelines to ensure that you meet all the requirements? " on page 1

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Must be an Australian phone number. 
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2. Demonstration of eligibility and export capability

To be eligible to apply for Round One of ICCF, the applicant must be a business that is an existing exporter* of food and beverage related goods or services to Asia; and the applicant must:

  1. Demonstrate that the project will result in direct economic benefit to regional WA
  2. Be a GST registered, Australian based legal entity with an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  3. Have been in operation for more than two years and have already undertaken some export-related activities
  4. Be capable of entering into a legally binding agreement with the Western Australian Government
  5. Have its main source of income (more than 50%) related to the sale of food and beverage related goods or services
  6. Be exporting or seeking to export goods that are produced, grown or manufactured in Western Australia
  7. Have established or in the process of establishing on-going relationships with one or more in-market business partners (business relationships an entity has established or is establishing with another entity specifically to access overseas markets for its products)
  8. The products or services that the applicant is exporting must be positioned for premium markets* in Asia which is broadly defined to include the Middle East
  9. Be able to provide a minimum cash contribution of one dollar for every two dollars of grant (1:2).For example: to apply for a grant of $50,000, the applicant must commit and contribute during the project a minimum of at least $25,000 in cash, bringing the total project cash resource to $75,000
  10. Commit to all required project reporting and a final report including project evaluation and an acquittal of funds required at the completion of the project.

*see Glossary section in the Guidelines for further description

Please provide evidence that support your eligibility for Round One of ICCF Program. 

Documentation that demonstrates eligibility includes (but is not limited to) company annual reports, or financial statements (two years), statements from certified public accountants, sales invoices, bills of lading, custom invoices, export license and/or an export plan or strategy,  invoices, contracts or letters of acknowledgement from in-market partners and etc. In the specific case where you are still researching in-market partners and have yet to establish a relationship, no document evidence is needed. However you will need to detail what efforts you have made in this area in the appropriate question below.

All information provided as part of this application will remain commercial-in-confidence unless stated otherwise.

2.1 What is your business’s annual aggregated turnover? * Required
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2.2 How long has your business been in operation and incorporated in Australia? * Required
2.3 How many staff does your business currently employ? * Required
2.4 Which area(s) does your business maintain a base of operations ((select all that apply): * Required
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2.5 What percentage of your business is currently in export markets? * Required
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